Woodshop minifitouts

As part of the sheeting/paneling project I’m doing small fitouts for different stuff that needs to live somewhere and be available.

I intent to make these ones by keeping a minimum quality and aesthetics standard. This way we end up with something that’s functional but still doesn’t look terrible and keeps with the “Shine” part of the 5 essing we are applying throughout the shop.
I believe the key to do this is by spending most of the time designing them, and when you’re ready you can cut them on the cnc.

Most of the time I’m using White Satin MDF, since it looks neat and the edges are not unsightly.

I’ll keep posting in this thread about this minifitouts so everybody is updated.

Orbital and Sheet sandpaper storage


I’ve been making new clamp racks. These have been designed so you can only fit one size/kind of clamps. This will make things easy when it comes to find or put back the stuff in its place. Eventually i’ll make racks for all the clamps.

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