Reminder to all membership (regarding causes)

Looking around last Tuesday, there were not too many faces at the meeting.
Something of great importance worth reminding everyone was:
People are not checking their cause thread, and not participating in group discussion. The cause system is finding it difficult to progress without its members being involved!

Could everyone please be proactive enough to contribute to their cause. A cause is supposed to be about supporting the sections of the space you use or wish to be apart of. Causes are there for the people who use those facilities, not any other fluff.
The cause leaders are simply people who wish to help you, please speak with them.



Thanks Hayden. Iā€™m also trying to get the Createatorium moving forward. We are having a meeting this Tuesday, and I need 50% of the members to be there. If you are in this cause, or would like to be, follow this link: Createatorium 1.0