Reviving the Automotive team 2021

Hi All,

I recently became a new member of HSBNE and with the looming threat of having no allocated space at the premises I assumed it would a good idea to start thinking about how an automotive team can be formed and function.

All Teams information should be in the following links:

The important bit for now would be

Starting a Team

To start a new team, the team must come to a general meeting with:

  • All volunteers and their agreements
  • Nominated team leader
  • Proposed team budget
  • Schedule for meetings
  • Team Plan

There is a minimum of 3 people in a team.

So the discussion for now would mainly be focussed on:

  • Do you want to join the automotive team?
  • What do you think we should do as projects, if any. (#vanlife? EV conversion? 'Learn to service your own car"?)
  • What do you think should be included as a Team plan? (for me, definitely creating workbenches/a dedicated space)
  • what do you think the automotive cause/team needs to be able to sustain? (tooling, training, manuals…)

I don’t mind being the Team leader so the team can get started, except if somebody else wants to do it.

We can meet up at a Tuesday night, or somewhere in the weekend. Let me know what you prefer!

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@Raf excited to see you take this on. Let me know if theres anything i can do to help or if you get stuck. I’ve already prodded a few people who have talked about an automotive team interest for you, and I’ll mention it in the next all member mailout to help you get some traction.

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