Table Saw Induction - EOI

Hi all, I’m keen for an induction on the table saw and was wondering if anyone else is too? If we can get a group together then Josh mentioned he’d be happy to run one.

I definitely want this sooner rather than later. Add me to the list.

I thought the table saw was out of commission? Table Saw, out of commission and next steps I don’t remember seeing a post about it working again.

Hi Nathan. It was out if commision for some time but is fucktional again. There was a post about it. It wasnt exactly waved around with flying colours and banners. Regardless, you can saw wood now :blush:

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I’m definately keen for a table saw induction!

Also interested in the induction.

Cool that makes 4 - @devians could you please suggest some times you’re available? Thanks

FYI - Only time I can’t do at the moment is this Sat/Sun. Otherwise I’m free weekends or evenings. Cheers

I’ve only been a member for one month and am keen to get started on any inductions on offer in the woodshop.

Hi all,

Happy to run a class for up to 6 on a sunday morning at 10am. Please respond with either:

  • 17th
  • 24th

I’m only really going to run one just to help people out. This has to become an online course.

17th would be my preference (because it’s sooner) but I’m fine with either date.

I can do either. Thanks @devians

I’m with Richo, 17th is my vote because it’s sooner, but I can do the 24th if you can fit more people into a group on that day. I’ve put both in my calendar for 10am. Thanks!

Would it help if I filmed whatever happens during your demonstration with my phone and then dressed it up a little on the wiki? You might have something more elaborate in mind when you say “online course”.

24th would be my preference as I’m away on the 17th unfortunately.

So it seems the 24th suits everyone who responded. Can we lock it in @devians?

I’m on standby in case it’s on tomorrow, but the 24th would be fine too.

Sorry for slow reply, lets do 24 th so we can get the most people through

Excellent, i’m in. Thanks again.

Hey guys, I’d like to join in for this too please. Look forward to seeing you Sunday at 10am. Cheers!