Table Saw Inductions - First run through notes

So after the AGM last Tuesday, I rounded up 5 members to run through the current induction material I’ve written in the script to test run it. I believe its adequate with regards to making procedure and safety very clear, but its tricky to define what level of operations and specific examples are good to teach, as well as the teaching methodologies. The goals of running through the material were to:

  • Start getting people inducted
  • Get an idea for rough spots in the script, things like ordering etc.
  • Get an idea for approach in how the material is presented
  • Consider how much physical demonstration or student supervised operation makes sense
  • Gauge the runtime of the existing material
  • Find relevant feedback and points to help with constructing the comprehension test portion of the materials.

The result of running through this material was some insights, as such:

  • 5 students is a good amount, I think I personally could work with 6 at a maximum.
  • Running time is about 1 hour 30min to 2 hours.
  • It would be good to have a list of exercises as part of the process, as well as preprepared materials for performing the cuts under supervision.
  • I’m keen to have @DreadPirateRobinson’s document finished to hand to students for their own reference, as that will help a lot since theres a lot of material to cover.
  • Some of the procedural operation stuff, checklists etc should be reformatted and applied to the saw or saw area as a poster so its easy to remember to go through it all.

I’m going to try and get the quiz for comprehension done by next tuesday so the 5 people that we ran though with can go through the quiz. My personal opinion is that if they pass the quiz they’ll be across at least safe operation of the saw, but if the materials change significantly in the weeks coming we’ll organise some ‘touch up’ sessions just to cover any gaps.

As to the above dot point on providing materials to work with through the induction/class, do we think its appropriate to charge for the induction to cover the material use?

I would like to run through an iterated version of the script and quiz this coming tuesday with 5-6 more members, perhaps post meeting.

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Keen to finish so I can use it, was good.

Jeremy, I’m not sure if you’re looking at the same document as the rest of us. is the one I’m looking at and to my interpretation after reading through it is complete.

At this point in time it is a document that needs testing on members (as we all know, a plan never survives first contact with the enemy) to find the gaps in knowledge that need to be filled.

I am still working on turning out some orthographic line outlines of the machine and its accessories to make the anatomy part of the quiz more coherent.

I will commit to looking at the notes that Jeremy has put together and turning it into a handout to satisfy the completeness of the induction for the knowledge gaps we can currently forsee.

I’ll post a draft soon, but can we please allow those who ran through the content on Tuesday night be ‘inducted’ after they have been presented the handout and completed the quiz successfully?

The induction on Tuesday was well thought out in terms of content, it focused heavily on the dangers and save working practices.

It was commented at the time that it would have been nice to have more practical for those who learn by doing. Though this might add to the time to run the induction as content covered was all relevant and needed knowledge.

All in all I feel safer in the operation of the machine, from both a safety prospective and proper operation.