Volunteers for Brisbane Supanova 2017

So this is rapidly coming up again, and this time we (possibly) have two spaces to work with. Can you please indicate your interest, as well as your availability either below, or directly to me?

If you do volunteer for the show you’ll get free entry; preference will be given to those who are able to help at least two of the three days.


  • Doc (all three days)
  • Kitty (Friday)

I’ve volunteered to do one of the panels, so I’d prefer not to run the stall on whichever day cosplay electronics ends up on.

But i’ll volunteer outside that, providing I can go to both of Kamui’s panels.

I am available all 3 days I think

100% on Saturday and Sunday

still working out the Friday details with work

I’m happy to volunteer for part of all three days, given my DeLorean is likely to be on display again, as part of a promo for Blue World Order (basically Mad Max crossed with Star Wars, but with DeLoreans in the Aussie outback, produced by Matthew Reilly. Yes it’s exactly as it sounds like).

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I can help on Saturday and Sunday and Friday night

Eris ryan can work the saturday and sunday all day if you like.

I can do Saturday and/or Sunday if you need people.

I can do all 3 days, but I’d like at least half a day somewhere to wander around. Maybe the Saturday morning so I can see the cosplay, or if not then Sunday for the sales.

I can volunteer for the three days. So long as i get time to walk around. It will be my first suppernova!!

If i get a sword done in time, would i be able to put it on display for comissions? Or is that not coooool?

I has asked for the Friday off at work and most of the day I can be there for the setting up and depending on what is going on the stall and looking pretty for panel/workshop thingy.

Sorry can’t do more than that I has another thingy on the saturday night which I may has to helping with the sorting out … setup and pack up.

That’s okay, all help is appreciated.