Woodworking Cause.

Lets get this started!

Location: Left-hand end of large shed. Labled woodworking room.(label missing - First project is to make one :wink: )

Cause leader: Brendan Hall aka hally (happy to stand aside for any keen/interested member @UnBayleefable ?? )

Cause members:

(please express interest below or on paper)

Classes: omg so many things to make and teach.

Planned Classes: (Several can be held on one day. I’m also happy to re-run classes)

  • Powertools 101 sharp and noisy
  • Handtools 101 Hammertime
  • Equipment maintenance cleaning and sharpening 101 sharpest tool in the shed
  • Small CNC 101 fancy whirly gig
  • Materials 101 to wood or not to wood
  • Make a box and induction on tools. jewellery, tool box, bird house, mail box
  • Shelving for the space so things can rest easy
  • Chainsaw 101 point away from face
  • Bush furniture tables chairs n stuff
  • Planter box / Garden stuff make a hole and fill it with dirt
  • Build the space a couch (collaboration with creatorium) gotta sit somewhere
  • Doors, hinges, locks, windows, sliders everything that opens and shuts
  • Frames building faster than termites can eat

Meetings: We will host a meeting to discuss our space how we keep it clean and projects and stuff
Lots of causes will want to meed on a Tuesday. So we don’t clash let me know a time that suits. I’m shooting for 6:45pm ?
In the meantime please feel free to post suggestions and desired Learnings and other chatter.

Group Projects: potential collaboration with creatorium cause to make new space furniture and decorations. I’d love to hear some ideas

Under construction: this info page and the cause room.
Thanks @Thermoelectric for your continued awesome work today helping make the woodworking room functional!



I’m in.
:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::blush::smiley::blush: :disappointed::smiley::blush: :blush:

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Hello fellow woodworkers! We’re aiming to get the letter N for the HSBNE sign finished this week. @Hally and I will be at the space this Sunday 15th Feb to work on the letter, from 2pm onwards. We’d love some extra input so please come along and join us! :sunny:


Hey woodworkers,

Just dropping in some relevant safety info because I don’t want to see anyone at the space hurt themselves on the table saws :smile:


Thank you @Nadine @Svenska @riumplus For making an awesome N!

Woodworking Projects on the go and update on purchasing

With all the members chipping in and fixing and improving the space lately please check out our how to purchase things for the space page

A project I have started working on is a table for home/the space (depending on how much material I can get my hands on)
I have started growing some wheatgrass in the greenroom in prep for the table, hopefully it will be done in time for the relaunch party. I will be hosting some classes where we will work on the table. And keep a build log on a sperate page for all woodworking projects.
If you are interested in learning helping or making your own please let me know :smile:



Just a quick note.

Whoever it is that is cutting aluminium on the wood bandsaw, please stop. You’re destroying the teeth on the blade and making the tool unusable for its original purpose.

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The metal bandsaw can be used in the upright position for cutting aluminium sheeting as a table-saw, there is actually supposed to be a table attachment to use it properly in this fashion, but it still works well enough without it.

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Screws fasteners and other bits.

Talking with tamika on tuesday night she mentioned there wasn’t a decent stash of screws and general fasteners in the shop.
I hope to fix that by seeking sponsors.

What I need to know is what does everyone like? I use chipboard screws for everything they have a nice chunky thread on them and come in square drive. (If you have never tried square give it a go and you will never go back)

I am yet to approach the sponsor I have in mind yet as I am not yet a paid up member and dont have exec concent as of yet.

I just need to know what I will be asking for when the time comes.

should also mention that I will be asking for a 1 off donation to get started not an ongoing commitment from them. So think big. We will also probaby need to build some kind of cabinet to keep it all organised


Thought I should put this here. I want to make a good sized assembly bench with the red table saw incorporated into it.
will be 1200x (2400+table saw length)

Any complaints?

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Out of curiosity, where are you planning on putting it? Middle of the room?

Yup. Will do a bit of a rearrange to help make it fit

Thanks man for all your awesome. Come check it out. Lathe, table, vices all the things!

#thanks #youreawesome #hashtag


Lathe upgrade.

Albeit a small one at this point. I had Karl weld some rod to the nuts that lock the tool rest and end stops in position now they can easily be moved without the shifter.

I also have been looking at seeing where to get a chuck from so bowls and other interesting things can be made.
so far i have only been to one place and it’s $250.

this store also sells a bunch of other gear and exotic timber.
if there is enough interest from the cause i will approach them and ask for cheaper stuffs for HSBNE members.


Wanting to do a sketchup for woodworkers class.

Basically follow me while i design a project in sketchup.
Would you then want to go into the wood shop and build it? (Simple beer crate gets about 5 per sheet of ply)

How much would you be willing to pay for the class (profits goto the space less materials) remembering that the build will be 1 at a time.

I have a jig for building these is that cheating for a class or should i make everyone do it the hard way?

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Hows the progress on classes comming?

Waiting for replies of interest

can we find a spare whiteboard to enhance communication within the wood shop?
ie: stuff we want,
stuff we need,
stuff thats broken.
sorry i didn’t have time to clean up properly


Wood shop looks like a bomb site at the moment. That is all on me. Have run out of energy before running out of work.
Will be back tomorrow to complete and clean.
Build log to come shortly