HSBNE Robot Competition 2016

That’s right more robots!!

We are gearing up to host a multi class robot competition at the Hackerspace.

This will be something we will try and host at least once a year and involve the hacker community, schools and university students.

We want to start with something achievable but still push some boundarys.

To improve accessibility and increase the number of applicants we are thinking of hosting the following classes.

  • Line following (beginner)
    a 2mx3m black on white course (time trials and points)
    suitable for schools, and the general hacker

  • Obstacle avoidance (intermediate)
    a 2mx4m walled track with various obstacle
    Aimed at high school, University and advanced hackers.

  • Large course obstacle avoidance (advanced)
    a 6mx12m outdoor obstacle course
    Navigation using gps and visual waypoints
    sensory deprivation obstacle to test even rugged mixed sensor systems
    weather Dependant. This is epic and as such we do not expect as many entrants.

Sound interesting?
Please express your interest for helping or competing.
We will need martials, course builders, documentation and educational instructionals to be created, advertisement material, example robots, classes, example code, and much more.

Jump on Slack to join the chat:

The hope is to host a competition this year. But I personally for see us using this year as a crash test and host again next year giving schools and entrants more time and us a chance to learn from the first hosting this year.


Hi I cant log into slack. But robbie 1-4-2 can do all these obstacles and stuff. Would love to participate.

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