New Container Layout

As many of you may have noticed, we have a new container layout and we have access, hooray!

At the moment the containers are full of stuff and we need to set aside a working bee or two to start rearranging everything. To that end, a bunch of us (Exec, team leads, anyone with a vested interest) have been talking about layout and usage. The plan at this stage is here (nothing is to scale, i just knocked this up quick):

To go into some details:

Overall Plan

Boiler Room

For the extractor and the compressor. if we end up needing to store other large loud machines that can be remote, we will find space here or expand it.


This is pending automotive forming a team and taking this on, otherwise we will repurpose. But the idea is that we have 2 roller doors to put in the side of the container to open up this space and the one adjacent. If we put automotive here, they can have a covered workspace for storage, workbenches, etc. It means that the concrete pad will become a defacto automotive work area. We might try and shade the area with shade sail? or perhaps pursue a grant to get a custom ‘carport’ cover for the area. depends on what people want to do.

Hot works

Kiln! pottery stuff :slight_smile: Heat treat ovens, heat treat kilns for forge, maybe the vacuformer depending on what happens with craft punks dirty room.


A dedicated area for painting. No hard plans for exactly how it will work so if you’re keen to jump in and make a plan that would be appreciated. We need to make sure its got a ‘work’ area and a small storage area while things dry. good ventillation etc.

Cold Storage & Forge Storage

Cold storage will be for all the things we need to keep but dont need common access to. Like all the lights we replaced that will have to be returned if we leave. Or the dishwashers until we have time/effort/money to redo our kitchen. Spare insulation material. That sort of thing.

Forge Storage is as indicated by @wixted , mainly just for storing refractory and other weather sensitive consumables. He said half a container is plenty for them.


The whacky whacky hot hot area as you know and love it, just bigger and better.


We have a need to store 3 types of things: Long Things, Sheet Things, and Misc Things

Members Storage

For midsize/large projects. The racks for peoples long material. Some kind of storage in the container for sheet goods. Maybe racks/shelves for other items. The racks under the dome are for people to put all their project on a pallet and store it there, again for midsize to large projects. We are providing this space with the understanding that this will mean absolutely no storage in the work areas at all for materials, projects, etc. Work areas for work, storage areas for storage.

Boneyard Storage

Again, we want to put long things on the racks, sheet goods in the container, and some kind of shelving system in the container. We are going to be extremely strict on what can go in the boneyard. The core idea is ‘usable materials only’. So having boxes where you can put a motor, or a psu is the thinking. No ewaste with ‘good parts’ to be disassembled. No printers with motors, either in the ewaste bin or remove the motors and put them and only them in the boneyard.

The shops may maintain sort of ‘local boneyard caches’, like the woodshop has the trolley, metalshop has the scrap metal bin (to be revisited), so it will be a regular thing to empty them to the bigger boneyard and to trim and cull anything not worth keeping.


Currently we have a plan to supply power to the 2 points we installed on the outside of the woodshop. Just waiting on hearing back from CBRE. We should get 80-100a supply for the area that we will build our own sub boards for.

What next?

Sigh, with covid, hard to say. We need to have a working bee soon to just empty out all the containers and do a big reorganisation as per the plan above. We need to sort the power, put up lights in the dome, modify the 40’ to have roller doors in the side, install lighting in all the containers so they’re usable at night. Led panels perhaps? We can use spare fluros until we get something better.

Todo, in no particular order:

  • Empty containers and reorganise
  • Lights in the dome
  • Lights in the containers
  • Put roller doors in 40’ container
  • Install internal walls in 40’ container
  • Put up racking for members storage
  • Get power connected
  • Build subboards to supply power to everything
  • Move the forge stuff out to the forge (powerhammer)
  • Move the kiln etc to hotworks
  • Figure out what these containers look like internally (layout etc):
    • Paint
    • Cold Storage/Forge
    • Members/Boneyard Storage.
      • Need to figure out a sheet goods storage thats space efficient. some kind of 2 layer comb?
  • Probably a bunch of stuff i’m forgetting.

So lets perhaps set a date for reorganising the contents of the containers and go from there? Hard to set a date with lockdowns etc. Tentatively, weekend of 14th/15th August?

Keen for everyones help and input and figuring out how we can get all this done. Really keen to knock it out over a month or two and keep on trucking, dont want this to become a drawn out project (any more than it already is). Getting to 80% by the time the construction finishes mid september would be ideal.

This should be a big win for everyones usage of the space, more dedicated workshop areas, better storage, should be awesome!


Thankyou to everyone who came along for the working bee today! Big success.

Big thankyou to Jess, Eris, Murray, Ryan, Jarrod, Duncan, Chris, Zac, Broseo, Jacques.

We made some big achievements:

  • Emptied out the 40’ container so its ready to be modified with roller doors and internal walls.
  • All the material that was stored in containers has been organised, culled etc.
  • The long material racks are in their home! Eris and Jess painted half of them red to indicate ‘boneyard’ materials, and the blue racks are for members/space storage.
  • Cold storage was setup, and we moved all the items in there that made sense to do so, which has cleared up space in the green room.
  • Broseo sorted out all the roof tiles from the pallet and salvaged what we could, and skipped the rest. Huge help.
  • Chris modified some of the racks in a really smart way (thanks duncan) to make them all fit correctly.
  • Jacques and Jarred disassembled all the halfcut rack uprights, and Chris and Ryan reassembled a few into full uprights.
  • So much more. Just a big sort through and reorganise thats badly needed.

Whats next

  • I need to get cbre to give us access to the new container, its padlocked.
  • We need more rack uprights reassembled, they are in the cold storage area. Duncan and Jarred who have offered to do some more during the week, this would help a bunch. We have what we need to put racking in the containers, but need uprights to do members storage under the dome, which will be at least 4 uprights. Another 2 would let us put the second cold storage rack in. Trying to not have to spend money on more racking.
  • Need to figure out what steel we need to be able to do the doors on the 40’, and organise a few of us to do that job.
  • Once the under-dome members storage is available, the motorbikes and projects on pallets that are in a container atm will go there, freeing that space.
  • We need to design sheet material storage for the containers. Theres some ideas being discussed between @Ryan3 and myself so hit us up if you have ideas.

Order of operations:

Stream 1:

  1. Under dome members storage racks done
  2. Boneyard container emptied and items moved to under dome storage
    2.5. Sheet goods storage installed in boneyard container
  3. Racks in and materials from forge storage moved to boneyard container
  4. Forge area is free, move all forge items to there.

Stream 2:

  1. Get access to members storage container
  2. Put in racks
    2.5. Put in sheet storage
  3. Make available for use.

Stream 3:

  1. Plan roller door locations
  2. Get budget for steel and wall framing
  3. and order steel
  4. Cut holes, weld in steel, mount roller doors.
    4.5. Use excess material to close holes made previously in container.
  5. Frame in some internal walls.

Other stuff

I have to follow up on the builder getting us some of the paint for the containers so we can patch em up.

I’m still chasing the power plan stuff. its complicated by the fact we are at the limit of supply. Once its resolved up stream, we will run some subboards off the 2 50a sockets and this will supply the area with power. In the meantime, if someone wants to organise getting the lights up in the dome etc, that would be good.

Once we have power sorted, we can move things like kilns etc.

Longer term

We need someone to look at setting up a paint area.

Automotives area is dependent on automotive continuing to exist as a team, which is indeterminate at this point. So this may get repurposed.

To summarise, jobs that people can do this week that dont require coordination:

  1. Take all the culled sheet material to the tip. its outside the boneyard container.
  2. Assemble uprights for the racking.
  3. Install lights in dome.